How To Apply For A Google Grant

Google gives grants of up to $10,000 per month in free AdWords marketing to eligible nonprofits. If your nonprofit’s account consistently reaches $10,000 per month cap, you may be eligible to apply for a $40,000 per month cap.

Currently, approximately 4,000 nonprofits receive Google grants, although many more are eligible. This article presents the eligibility criteria, basic requirements and how to apply. According to Google, “there is no set end date for your grant and no need to re-apply at any time.”


Nonprofits within the U.S.A. with current 501.c.3. status with the IRS are eligible. Also, agencies must have less than 50% earned income that is included on the IRS form 990 tax return as “Program Service Revenue,” such as tuition by schools, government contracts, and admissions to an arts museum.


To receive a grant, your nonprofit must …

  • Have a website for ads to link to.
  • Not have revenue generating ads on your site, such as Google AdSense.
  • Manage your campaigns on a regular basis. This includes understanding Google guidelines, building your AdWords account and ensuring that your ads and keywords are relevant, accurate, and timely.
  • Select keywords that have a maximum $1 per click.


**Increase cash donations
**Increase in-kind donations
**Increase number of new volunteers
**Increase number of event registrations
**Increase your mailing list subscribers
**Increase number of social media fans


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